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AMPCO is the voice of industrial power users in Ontario 

Our objective is industrial electricity rates that are competitive, fair and efficient.

Ontario’s electricity system is dynamic, with multiple agencies and many moving parts. It can seem very complicated. AMPCO serves its members with critical analysis of electricity policy and regulation, market research and analysis, and expert representation on the policy and regulatory matters that affect members' bottom line.

We provide clear communications and effective advocacy.

We are the forum of choice for major power consumers who recognize that their business success - and Ontario's manufacturing economy - depends on electricity policy and regulation that promotes efficiency and protects the interests of consumers.



Power Market Outlook 

AMPCO’s Power Market Outlook takes a comprehensive look at Ontario’s electricity demand, supply, market price and other price inputs and develops a forecast to 2032 for Ontario electricity demand, electricity supply and costs, electricity prices and rates, delivered cost of power to customers. Read more...

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Reliable electricity at affordable prices is essential to your success as well as Ontario’s overall economic success. Joining AMPCO gives you a voice in this critical aspect of your business.

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Benchmarking Analysis

AMPCO’s latest benchmarking analysis compares Ontario’s industrial rates with those in other provinces in Canada as well as selected US markets. Our analysis shows that Ontario has the highest industrial rates in North America. Ontario not only has the highest delivered rates of all these jurisdictions; the disparity in rates also is growing. Read more.

Answering Customers’ Questions About Electricity in Ontario 

AMPCO has compiled key information about Ontario’s energy sector into one document, Answering Customers’ Questions About Electricity in Ontario. Our goal is to provide factual information for customers on Ontario’s energy sector. Read more...

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