AMPCO provides a voice for industry within Ontario's complex regulatory and political environment.

We advocate for policies, rate designs and regulations that will ensure a cost-effective and reliable electricity system for Ontario.

Ontario’s industrial electricity rates are rising as compared to peers in Canada and the United States. Forecasts suggest that the delivered price of power will continue to rise in Ontario. The pressures on price are multi-faceted. With the closure of coal-fired plants and the shift to renewables, the system is going through a transition. The system also faces significant investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure, which are driving up these charges at the same time that nuclear refurbishment and costly fixed price contracts are driving up generation costs.

To remain competitive, Ontario’s industrial power users need tools to help them manage their electricity costs. The Government of Ontario has taken some important steps towards mitigating impacts on industrial users to help them remain competitive, such as changes to the Global Adjustment allocation.

When prices and rates incentivize and reward efficient demand management, customers will manage demand efficiently, reducing their own bills and reducing costs to all customers by delivering benefits system-wide.

Ontario’s leadership in deploying digital meters, its commitment to time-of-use rates, and its support for smart grid technologies generally, has broken down technological barriers. More progressive pricing and rate design will remove economic impediments to innovation in customer engagement, conservation and efficient demand management.