Benefits of Membership

Ontario’s electricity policy powers the economic future of Ontario.

Reliable electricity at affordable prices is essential to your success as well as Ontario’s overall economic competitiveness, employment opportunities and quality of life. Joining AMPCO gives you a voice in this critical aspect of your business.

Expertise to help improve your bottom line: Ontario’s electricity pricing is a result of a complex regulatory environment. As a member, you will have ready access to a knowledgeable staff that can help you understand the sector and your bill – so that you can act to reduce costs.

AMPCO communicates regularly with decision-makers in government, power utilities, the media, industry and allied associations. We maintain a roster of expert legal, technical, and public affairs counsel. We also monitor economic, technical, and legislative developments that affect members and we focus on the issues that matter most to you.

Strategic alliances for a stronger voice: We look for common interests and forge alliances with industry associations and other consumer organizations because it works – increasing our influence and leveraging our efforts.

Timely action on critical issues: AMPCO proactively monitors the development of government policy and market rules so that you don’t have to. As a lean organization, we can ramp up quickly and lobby effectively at the earliest sign of a threat to member interests.

Primary research on electricity issues: AMPCO has commissioned major studies showing the economic impact of electricity policy choices. We track industrial rates in Ontario and other jurisdictions so we can benchmark Ontario’s electricity competitiveness. Our research is recognized by industry, government, and regulators as an important source of information. We undertake regular surveys to assess public attitudes on critical issues.

Ensuring you have a place at the table: AMPCO has unparalleled access to important players in the electricity sector. We are involved in policy and regulatory discussions with numerous ministries and provide input to the Ontario Power Authority, the Ontario Energy Board, and the Independent Electricity System Operator. Joining AMPCO ensures your interests are represented when important issues are being considered.

Professional development, industry events and on-going communications: AMPCO organizes a variety of meetings, conferences, and policy briefings on priority issues. We strive to continuously improve so that we can provide better information that engages you and all our stakeholders on the issues that matter most.