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AMPCO provides analysis, intelligence and insight to help manage costs and plan for the future.

AMPCO assesses the economic impact of electricity policy choices and regualtory decisions. We track industrial rates in Ontario and other jurisdictions so we can benchmark Ontario’s electricity competitiveness. We conduct indepth analysis of generation supply, demand and price to forecast electricity prices and rates. Our research recognized by industry, government, and regulators as an important source of information. We undertake regular surveys to assess public attitudes on critical issues.


Breaking down the price of electricity

Ontario has a "hybrid" market that is partly regulated and partly competitive. The delivered price of power in Ontario is comprised of a number of separate rates and charges. The largests share of the price is the Hourly Ontario Energy Price, which is determined in the wholesale electricity market operated by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Another significant proportion of the total price is the Global Adjustment, which is intended to cover the fixed costs of the power system. In addition, customers must pay transmission and distribution rates, as well as a number of uplifts, surcharges, fees, and levies.